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Cosmetic Active Ingredients 
CAS RN Name Spec Application
  Ginseng Extract
(Panax ginseng C. A. Mey) 
Total ginsenoside 10-80% by UV  Skin cell activation, enhance the skin elasticity ,smooth wrinkles 
  Rosemary essential oil  100% essential oil  Skincare, Haircare, Refresh the brain and regain consciousness, Relieve muscle pain 
32619-42-4  Olive Leaf Extract
(Olea europaea L.)
80% Oleuropein by HPLC   Skincare , protect the skin cells unaffected by ultraviolet harm 
77-52-1  Ursolic Acid  80%, 90%, 98% by HPLC  Skin-whitening ,remove skin pigment 
  Pummelo Seed
(Citrus grandis) 
10:1&90-98%Limonin, Obacunone by HPLC  Skin-whitening 
10597-60-1  Olive Extract  Hydroxytyrosol 10%-40% by HPLC  Antioxidant,Skin care,skeletal system, Cardiovascular protection 
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